Our food hygiene rating is 5

We ensure that our children learn about healthy food and the benefits that it gives them. They enjoy growing, harvesting, preparing and of course eating their home-grown fruit and vegetables.

Nutritious healthy food is prepared on site by our qualified cook for our Toddler and Pre-School children. The menu is prepared to ensure that it is healthy, nutritious, balanced and enjoyable. We use wholemeal bread and sunflower spread and do not use food colouring and artificial preservatives. All food handlers have food safety certificates.


Please ensure that your child has eaten before they come to nursery. We do not supply breakfast except in a real emergency.


A mid-morning snack of fresh fruit /crudities is served daily followed by cheese cubes which the children learn protects their teeth from the acid in the otherwise healthy fruit.


Lunch consists of two courses, a nutritious hot first course with vegetables or salad and a pudding.


We serve tea at 4pm which allows children to eat dinner with their families.

This consists of sandwiches, wraps, crackers, hummus, soup, pasta or rice salads.

Desert may be fromage frais, jelly, fruit

Milk and water to drink is available throughout the day

Menus are available upon request and are on display in the nursery.

Sample Menu below

Vegetarian and special dietary needs are catered for and we take special care to help children with allergies keep safe.

Under Two Years

After consulting with parents regarding allergies and food intolerances we think it is safer for babies to have familiar food from home until everyone is confident enough to broaden their food experiences; hence we ask you to bring lunch and tea for your little ones.

Our baby unit has its own kitchen where food can be safely reheated and presented for your babies to join with their friends and eat their own familiar food in a social setting.

Snack examples grated / sticks of vegetables / fruit and rice cakes are provided after consulting with parents.

Sample Menu