Babies and Toddlers enjoy the security of their own building. This includes playroom, rest and sleep area, milk kitchen, changing facilities and their own outside play area. We have created a homely and welcoming atmosphere for the children to play and relax in.

The play area is well resourced with a variety of toys, puzzles, creative activities and physical play equipment, which encourage learning through play, following the EYFS and early Montessori principles. Equipment is hygienically maintained and regularly changed in order to provide new experiences for the children.

Our children are gently nurtured and encouraged to try new things and to follow their own interests and desires at every stage of their development. The EYFS framework is also used for planning next steps for each child and ensuring that all our babies’ needs are reflected in the environment.

Group activities such as art, music, dancing, stories and games help the children to develop an awareness of others and learn early social skills as well as having a lot of fun.
The outside play area is used as often as possible and provides the babies with a safe and secure environment for play and learning and they also enjoy mixing with the older children in the large play area. Our youngest babies thoroughly enjoy the company of the older children and our ‘big’ babies have the opportunity to join the toddlers for visits to their room and outside play area. This helps towards a smooth transition to the toddler room.

The allocation of a personal key worker plays an integral part in the settling in process and helps your child to develop a sense of security and wellbeing by providing a continuity of care which will ensure that your individual wishes and routines are carried out.

The baby unit manager and her well qualified, enthusiastic team are special practitioners who are experts in the care of babies. They are always available to discuss any child’s needs with parents and to feedback on your child’s day.

Parents are very welcome at any time to come and play with or feed their child.

Two Year Olds

“Help me to do it myself “

Watching our babies develop into busy toddlers is a constant source of wonder and pleasure.

Two year olds are becoming independent, confident and very active. They are curious about the world around them needing to explore, make discoveries and practice their developing skills in a safe and protected environment where the atmosphere is relaxed, calm, stimulating and fun.



The children use early Montessori learning materials, educational/construction toys, music, artwork and of course sand and water. They play freely, receive individual attention and enjoy group activities. Large physical play can be safely enjoyed in their own outside area.

The Montessori environment encourages independence – the children choose their own activities from low level shelves which give them free access to a range of activities throughout the day. Our excellent dedicated and knowledgeable staff facilitate this need for independence by preparing an environment which gives each child freedom to play, learn and make mistakes in a positive stimulating setting.

Group activities such as creative work, cookery, music and movement are available and follow the interests of the children, festivals, seasons and other planned learning topics.
Each child has their own keyworker who supports them in forming positive relationships with adults and peers and ensures that the environment satisfies the child’s individual needs in all areas of learning. The keyworker will also maintain developmental records for each child and carefully plan the ‘next steps’ of learning. You will be given ‘the Progress Summary at 2’ which is a written summary of how your child is progressing that you may also find useful to share with other professionals such as health visitors who can use it as part of the health and development review.

Feedback is given to parents at the end of each day and we actively encourage our parents to become involved at all stages of their child’s development.

Children are given help and re assurance when they start toilet training; staff members are encouraging and flexible and will accommodate your own routines or will use their wealth of experience to help the whole procedure go smoothly.

When children are ready to move to preschool the transition is seamless having been carefully planned with visits and play times with the older children.

Information and suggestions are always welcomed.

Pre School

It is in Pre-School that the preparation of the earlier years is built upon and the Montessori curriculum is central to learning and development. Three and four year olds enjoy the freedom to work at their own pace, consolidating knowledge and perfecting skills at each stage before moving on. An individual education plan is devised for each child which fulfils the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum by working through the Stepping Stones towards the Early Learning Goals using the Montessori materials and many other learning activities. This includes cookery, music and movement, drama, arts and crafts, learning through play, ITC toys, construction, role play etc. The children have a dedicated outdoor classroom and a play area where they enjoy obstacle courses which they help to build using large apparatus, parachute games and ball games.



The Pre-School is led by qualified early years teachers and Montessori teachers supported by a fully qualified team of excellent early years practitioners. They plan exciting, stimulating activities based upon the children’s interests, seasons, festivals and other topics that give the children the opportunity to experience many different areas of learning.



The children continue to become more independent, learning to take responsibility for themselves and to care for their friends, the classroom fish and the plants and vegetables that they love growing. They also learn to care for those less fortunate than themselves as they have fun during World Book Day, Comic Relief and Children in Need fundraising events.

The firm foundation for learning that our children have built ensures that they are prepared and eager to move onto school. To help with this transition we invite reception teachers into the nursery to meet their new children in an environment where the children are happy, secure and confident.